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In-Home Skilled Nurses for Your Elderly Loved Ones in Need

As your loved ones grow older, they may develop more special needs and would require more medical attention and care. Trips to the hospital will be all-too-common, as they will be requiring procedures and medical assistance which are vital to maintaining their health. The trip itself to the clinic, hospital, or medical facility can already … Continue reading

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Quality Care for Your Senior Loved Ones Within Their Own Homes

As our loved ones grow older, we may start to think of letting them take place at a retirement home or shared residential facility. Although this is one good option to meet the growing needs of your senior loved ones, it’s not all the time, though, that this would be a good idea, especially when … Continue reading

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The Perks of Having a Companion in a Facility

As an elderly home care in New York, Flex Health Care is glad to offer you various services! One of our services is Companion Care in a Facility. This service aims to help the adjustment of a senior in a facility. We understand how that can be quite a change, and we would like to … Continue reading

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5 Quick Tips That Will Help You Remember to Take Your Medicine

Did you forget to take your pills again? Well, you’re not alone in that. A lot of people face the same dilemma. Having to take a lot of medication can indeed be confusing sometimes because there are so many instructions and different schedules that you have to follow! How are you supposed to make it … Continue reading

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A Guide to Choosing a Caregiver for Your Aging Parents

Retiring at home is not as easy as it sounds. It comes with a lot of responsibility. At first, it may be possible for mom or dad to handle this alone. But we know that time will come when they will eventually need assistance. It is hard to choose in-home care services in New York … Continue reading

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