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Why #3 Is Considered Important for Dementia Care


All the people we hold dear to our hearts have their own unique personality and it is because of their uniqueness that allows us to identify their likes and dislikes. As our senior loved ones and we get older, our love for them should not diminish but rather, adapt toward their changing needs. As a way to say thank you for their love and care for us, we can provide them with Non-Medical Home Care in Poughkeepsie, New York to ensure their welfare is being looked after.

For families who are primary dementia care providers, here are some good practices to remember from our Dementia and Alzheimer’s services in New York to reinforce your care responsibilities at home:

  1. Mental activities

    Even if a loved one has been diagnosed with dementia, they should still be given stimulating mental activities to help delay the progression of their dementia and keep their cognitive functions going. Allow them to continue doing what they like and let them help around with one task or two with you while you are cooking or baking. Our health care in Poughkeepsie New York can also perform minor housekeeping when they are under our supervision.

  2. Locked doors

    Alzheimer’s patients may often get lost between tasks. To prevent them from going out of the house unaccompanied, make sure to secure the locks on your doors so they cannot leave the house alone. Cabinets, drawers, and pantries should be organized to avoid objects falling on them.

  3. A safe space

    Apart from getting lost, they can easily get overwhelmed when too many confusing stimuli is around them. Loud noises and new people may make them anxious, a safe space in their home can be given to them so they can sit down on their favorite chair as you calm them down to safety.

  4. Give clear instructions

    If you need to give them instructions, keep them short and clear but do not baby them. If they need to take their medication, do so clearly.

  5. Approach them warmly

    Whenever you want to start a conversation with them, remember to approach them warmly to not trigger anxiety and confusion. Keep your voice at a friendly tone, use simple words, and ask them easy questions that do not need long and complicated answers from them.

Good practices for elderly home care in New York are made accessible to clients and families because of the commitment of our skilled employees.

If you need dementia care assistance for your loved one at home, Flex Health Care may be able to help you with your homecare needs. Call us at 845-345-6503 to personalize a care plan for your family.

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