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Why Elderly Depression Is Easily Overlooked

 Your Brain Is Consistently Changing

Depression is a serious condition. Unfortunately, there are many reasons why it can be overlooked not just by the people around the patient but by those who are suffering from depression themselves.

Yes, despite having signs and symptoms, depression is easily shrugged off and can be conveniently attributed to something else. This makes it difficult to diagnose early, preventing your senior loved one from getting the medical attention they need.

Knowledge can guide you. Here are some reasons why seniors and their relatives fail to recognize depression.

  • Isolation
    Feeling isolated because they are living alone or are barely interacting with the rest of the household can lead to depression. The patient may think it is because they feel lonely.
  • Part of Aging
    Some people assume depression comes with aging. But unfortunately, this is not true. Depression can happen to anyone at any age but not because they are getting old.
  • Reluctance
    Talking about one’s feelings may be seen as an embarrassing topic. Some seniors may avoid it entirely to not appear “needy” to their loved ones or maintain a no-problem facade.

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