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5 Quick Tips That Will Help You Remember to Take Your Medicine

Did you forget to take your pills again? Well, you’re not alone in that.
A lot of people face the same dilemma.

Having to take a lot of medication can indeed be confusing sometimes because there are so many instructions and different schedules that you have to follow!

How are you supposed to make it all work?

  1. Organize your medication.

    Take some time to check the different pill bottles you have in your medicine cabinet. Sort out what you need to take on a daily or weekly basis from the over-the-counter medication you keep for first aid.

    You can also try keeping your pill bottles in an area where it is readily seen. Just make sure to keep it out of direct sunlight and heat so that your pills won’t deteriorate.

  2. Keep a list of what pills you need to take for the day.

    Writing it down will help you remember. It would even be better if you keep this list along with the pill bottle so you can crash out what you have already taken for the hour.

    This nifty technique will prevent you from double-dosing your medication too!

  3. Use a pill organizer.

    Pill organizers are readily available in pharmacies. These small containers come with separators and labels so you won’t have to bother bringing your pill bottles with you everywhere.

    Some pill organizers contain enough sections for a week with hourly denominations while others can hold enough medicine for a month!

  4. Get your pills specially packed at the pharmacy.

    Depending on the services available at your local pharmacy, you can ask them to specially pack your prescription per day or per week (depending on which is more convenient for you).

    It’s very handy and you don’t have to worry about mixing up your pills erroneously because the pharmacists will be in charge of doing that for you!

  5. Make a reminder that will notify you when it’s time to take your meds.

    Optimize whatever you have on hand, like your phone!

    Phone models nowadays come with different applications you can use to remind you when it’s exactly time for you to take your medication.

Or, you can entrust your medication schedule to care professional from Flex Health Care! Our staff is well-trained to help you comply with your prescription and provide elderly home care in New York.

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