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A Guide to Choosing a Caregiver for Your Aging Parents


Retiring at home is not as easy as it sounds. It comes with a lot of responsibility. At first, it may be possible for mom or dad to handle this alone. But we know that time will come when they will eventually need assistance.

It is hard to choose in-home care services in New York but it is harder to choose who will provide companionship for your parent when you are not around.

When you are choosing the right provider for Non-Medical Home Care in Poughkeepsie, New York, check out this list prepared by Flex Health Care and hopefully it helps you in your selection process:

  1. Involve your parent/s

    As our parents age, they need to be assisted in simple daily living activities. Soon, you may find yourself paying their bills, doing their yard work, scheduling for their doctor’s appointments, reminding them of their medications, etc. Plus, we know you have responsibilities at home and in your workplace.

    If you think they need assistance, talk to them. They may be in denial at first but let them understand. Don’t make it sound like they need help because they cannot take care of themselves anymore. Approach them with a lighter tone. Instead of saying you will be hiring a caregiver, tell them you are hiring someone to be their companion.

  2. Look for someone you can trust

    After convincing your parent that he or she needs to be assisted, it is time to look for someone who fits your description of a “perfect caregiver.” Of course, nobody is perfect, but we need to make sure that the caregiver who will be with your parent is someone you can trust.

    We need to look for a caregiver who we can rely on. Remember: the caregiver you will be hiring will be with the person you love who is now fragile and vulnerable. That is why you have to properly screen your potential caregiver. Do background checks. Ask them for references.

  3. Judge applicants based on their personality

    You don’t only look for your potential caregiver’s credentials or check his or her background. You also have to observe if your parent is comfortable with their presence. See how he or she treats them.

    A caregiver’s personality is important when your parent needs elderly home care in New York. You need to match his or her character based on the needs of the patient. And above all, you should involve your parent during the hiring process.

How can we be sure about the caregiver we bring home to assist our parent/s? This is what Flex Health Care is here for. We thoroughly screen your caregivers to avoid unfortunate circumstances. We make it our mission to give our patients and their family a trustworthy partner in caring for their senior family member.

What are you looking for in a caregiver? Let us know so we can help find a match in New York.

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