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Be Warned Against Dementia – Signs to Watch out For

Be Warned Against Dementia – Signs to Watch out For

Early warning is an essential step to reduce the progressive effects of dementia. As a provider of Non-Medical Home Care in Poughkeepsie New York, we know how dementia can escalate when not attended to properly. So when you spot the early signs faster, you can find ways to prevent the progression at a fast rate.

Here are the early signs you need to look out for.

  • Short-term Memory Loss

    Forgetting about some of their personal items can be a key indicator of the onset of dementia. This episode of forgetfulness is unusual. For instance, in the middle of the conversation, your loved one has forgotten the entire thing you have just been discussing. When these unusual incidents happen, don’t hesitate to bring your loved one to the doctor to verify if dementia has already set in.

  • Lost Items

    Along with short-term memory loss is the frequent loss of their belongings or when they easily forget where they placed certain things. For example, when they don’t even realize that they may have already placed their wallet at the shoe rack. When complaints of forgetting things become frequent, it may be helpful to have a doctor check on your loved one.

  • Speaking Difficulty

    4.Dementia can also affect a person’s communication abilities. In the middle of a conversation, your loved one may be unable to remember the right word to use even if it’s just a very simple terminology. In other instances, they may confuse one item with another, to the point of having a mindless discussion. These difficulties can indicate memory problems that have links with dementia.

  • Computing Problems

    As a provider of health care in Poughkeepsie New York, we also know that individuals with dementia will eventually have computing problems. They will not be able to add up simple numbers such as their grocery purchases. Because this is unusual, you should be suspecting dementia when you observe these instances.

  • Mood Swings

    The sudden manifestation of mood swings is another significant consideration if your loved one has dementia or not. Their moods can fluctuate from being fearful and suspicious, to being excited and aggressive. If you sense that their moods have shifted in a very unusual manner, it is safe to take your loved one for a checkup.

  • Lack of Grooming

    At the early stages of dementia, the person may also manifest forgetfulness about their personal hygiene. They can forget about the clothes they wear or whether they have taken a bath or not. As a result, their grooming and health suffer.

Being diagnosed early is a great step to providing quality and better care for your loved one. If you also need help in caring for them, our professionals that provide housekeeping services in New York can be of assistance to you. Don’t forget to submit your inquiries to us at Flex Health Care. We would be glad to answer questions for you.

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