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Fall Hazards: 4 Ways You Can Prevent Them

Fall Hazards: 4 Ways You Can Prevent Them

You slip, you fall, you get bruised, and move on; that’s how it is with younger people. But when you’re older, the simple act of losing your balance can take a much darker turn.

It’s all in your body’s physiology. You see, when you get older, your muscle mass and bone strength become significantly lower as compared to when you were younger. As a result, you end up being more prone to suffering from fatal injuries even with seemingly innocent accidents (such as slipping on the floor). In worst case scenarios, slipping can lead to bone fractures, traumatic brain injuries, and possibly, even a serious threat of life.

Thankfully, Flex Health Care has prepared a short guide to help keep you safe. You can easily protect yourself from falls and fall hazards (items that cause a fall) when you…

  1. Remove clutter from the floor

    Mind you, not all clutter found on the floor are actually trash items. Sometimes, fall hazards like these can take the form of a pile of books, a set of decorative plants, or even large ornamental vases. Anyhow, the main idea here is that you should clear the walkway from any distractions. Consider signing up for the housekeeping services in New York that we have to offer. We can easily keep your home organized and free from fall hazards!

  2. Tidy extension cords and electrical wires

    The items that cause you to trip can be hidden in plain sight (like wiring). If you have any power strips and appliance cords that are freely dangling along the floor, now is a great time to arrange them in a neat coil and label them appropriately. This will not only make your home look more organized, but it will also lower your risk for slips and falls.

  3. Secure mats and rugs with adhesive

    Are you a fan of decorative centerpieces? As much as they are aesthetically pleasing, they can accidentally get caught against your shoe and cause you to fall. If you’re hesitant to remove these items, keeping them in place with strong adhesive should do the trick.

  4. Add extra lighting in dim areas

    Shadows can sometimes play a trick on your eyes. And if you are not careful, you can end up missing a step and be in a world of pain.

    Take measures to prevent that as early as now by installing additional light bulbs in the darker areas of your house. In case you’re worried about the electrical bill hiking up, you can always make use of LED bulbs which consume less energy.

Apart from the suggestions that we have provided above, you can also try obtaining home health care in Poughkeepsie New York. Our services will be personalized to your needs so you can enjoy a supportive home environment away from the dangers of fall hazards and other discomforts.

Call us today! We’d be glad to discuss your plans and create a customized care solution specifically for you.

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