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Help for the Elderly with Depression

Help for the Elderly with Depression

It’s painful to see that your elderly loved one suffers from depression on top of the physical changes that they may be enduring. What’s even worse is the feeling of not knowing what to do to help them. You may rely on a provider of non-medical home care in Poughkeepsie New York for companionship and homemaking, but helping an elderly overcome depression lies greatly in the families’ support.

How Can You Help an Elderly Person with Depression?

  • Keep your cool.

    It’s easy to panic but being overly anxious will only make the situation worse. Stay calm. Encourage them to open up and talk about what they feel by engaging in a compassionate conversation. Acknowledge how they feel and make an action plan with them.

  • Create a functional support system.

    Loneliness contributes to the helpless feeling of a depressed person. Give your loved one as much time and attention as you can give. Instead of hiring housekeeping services in New York, do the chores with them. This will make them feel cared for but still independent.

  • Prepare their meals.

    A depressed person often loses appetite resulting in dramatic weight loss and deteriorating health. Together, you can help your loved one prepare a healthy and delicious meal, as well as snacks. Eat with them on the table instead of eating in front of the television.

  • Suggest treatment.

    Gently suggest treatment options to your loved ones. It’s better to help them recognize that they might have a problem instead of asserting the idea.

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