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Make Meals the Highlight of the Day


The best way to eat meals is by spending them with those we love the most. As such, we would like to encourage our clients to make the most of their mealtimes by keeping their senior loved ones company.

Our housekeeping services in New York emphasize helping your older loved ones get their daily nutritional intake by giving them delicious and nutritious dishes. Keep in mind your loved one’s favorite dishes and give them a healthy twist. Take note of ingredient changes that will cater to their health condition, as well. For example, if they need to lower their sugar intake, replace sugar with alternatives, such as agave, stevia, or dates.

Eating meals together as a family does not only provide physical wellness but mental and emotional benefits, too. Studies show that regular family meals offer a wide variety of physical, social-emotional, and academic benefits. While some of these benefits can be gained through other activities, eating together is the only single activity that is known to provide all of them at the same time.

And as your provider of trusted non-medical home care in Poughkeepsie New York, we fully believe that seniors prefer eating their meals with their families. This reduces their feeling of isolation and loneliness, which causes mental and emotional unwell if not given attention to.

Even if apart, families need to find time to eat their meals together. Whether it be on the same table or online (yes, virtual dinners are possible), make the most of mealtimes with those you love the most.

FLEX HEALTH CARE, a trusted provider of health care in Poughkeepsie New York, offers dependable home care for seniors in need, including meal prep and assistance.

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