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The Basic Causes for Fainting

The Basic Causes for Fainting

Fainting is not something that should be taken lightly. This may be a sign of serious health issues. Fainting or syncope – is the drop in blood pressure that decreases the production of circulation to our brain, causing us dizziness and temporary unawareness of our surroundings. As a provider of Non-Medical Home Care in Poughkeepsie, New York, let us share with you these important items that may cause fainting and how we can prevent this.

  1. Lack of food
    Improper meal consumptions can cause fainting. When our bodies are not properly supplied with the right food and nutrients, we feel weaker. This can cause low blood pressure or low blood sugar and lead to fainting. Always eat the right food, the nutritious ones, in order to keep yourself healthy.
  2. Exhaustion
    We need to remember that it is important to take short breaks between tasks. Rest when we can. Our health is important in these matters because we would not have the strength to complete anything if we do not take care of ourselves.
  3. Emotional stress
    As a major factor that causes weaker immune systems and bodies, emotional stress is to be watched out for. The best cure for emotional stress is meditation. Clear your mind. Breathe in, breathe out. Strengthen your mind by giving yourself mantras for your thoughts. It is a choice to be strong – always make the choice to rise up from your own thoughts and emotions.
  4. Dehydration
    Especially when the weather’s unpredictable and your body’s finding it hard to adjust, dehydration is risky. Always know that if it’s hot, it is better to take lukewarm beverages to help your body adjust to the heat. If it is cold, consume lukewarm or slightly cold beverages to help your body adjust again.
  5. Heart conditions
    If you have heart ailments, these can fill in as a factor when there is an abnormality in the way our heart pumps blood throughout our body and to the brain. Our brain needs oxygen. When there is an insufficient supply of oxygen to our bodies, we experience dizziness and light-headedness.

Fainting or syncope may also be due to the medications being taken. If the fainting is too severe, it is best to consult your health specialist regarding this matter or to bring the patient to the hospital. Acquire the help of our professional team at Flex Health Care. We have experienced team who can provide elderly home care in New York for all your care needs at home.

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