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The Perks of Having a Companion in a Facility


As an elderly home care in New York, Flex Health Care is glad to offer you various services! One of our services is Companion Care in a Facility. This service aims to help the adjustment of a senior in a facility. We understand how that can be quite a change, and we would like to help with this. This service has some advantages for the senior being new in a facility.


Being in a care facility is a new change that needs adjustment for any senior. In this transition, we’d want to make it as smooth and as easy for seniors as much as possible. Having someone or a companion to be by their shoulder whenever they need in this delicate time is helpful in the adjustment period. Having a companion in a facility helps a patient ease into their new surroundings, thus helping in this period.

Feeling less lonely

Being in a new environment and having no one can be a challenging spot. But if given a companion in such a situation, it might just help to make a senior feel safe and secure in a new and unfamiliar environment and everything in it.

Ease in doing tasks with assistance

As one grows older, there are limitations to mobility, and the range of tasks doable alone becomes narrower. This is an inevitable change. However, if given a companion to assist and/or perform these tasks for a senior, they may be able to do these daily tasks with ease and comfort. Such tasks include transportation, medication reminder, mobility assistance, and more.

Friendship and Conversation

In any setting and situation, it is important for anyone to have someone to confide in, someone whom they can call a friend. Having a companion in a facility provides seniors this opportunity to be themselves and unburden their thoughts and feelings to their companion. Being provided an opportunity to do so also helps in the adjustment of the senior, but even after the said period.

Daily functions can be quite a task in senior age, all the more in a new environment. But we strive to provide the quality and standard care and assistance through our services. You can rest assured with us!

Know more about the services we offer as a Non-Medical Home Care in Poughkeepsie, New York! We offer Dementia In-Home Care, Elderly Home Care, Palliative Home Care, and more. Contact us at 845-345-6503 for your questions and inquiries.

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