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Tips when Talking with Seniors: What NOT to Do

Tips when Talking with Seniors: What NOT to Do

Have you ever experienced feeling at a loss of what to say when you’re talking with a senior family member? When a generation gap exists, communication challenges can occur particularly on finding out which topics to talk about or how to actually get them engaged in the conversation. However, it will be comforting to know that when we continually converse with our aging loved ones, we’re helping them improve their cognitive skills while at the same time comforting their feelings of loneliness.

As key providers of Non-Medical Home Care in Poughkeepsie New York, we do encourage you to spend adequate time of talking with your senior family members. In addition to that, here are some must-not-DO tips to make these conversations more meaningful, engaging, and productive for both of you.

  • Must NOT Give Away Unsolicited Counsel
    Keep in mind that your senior loved one possesses lengthier life experiences than you, owing to their age. Hence, they have already gathered much wisdom and lessons through the years, which they can always pass on to you and the other younger generations. Our senior family members are the more experienced people in the family, so giving them your personal advice on some things may not be a good idea. However, if you do intend to impart your thoughts, do so in a way that expresses your personal support and encouragement for what they are doing.
  • Must NOT Raise Your Voice
    While it can be natural for our elderly to become hard of hearing in this season of their lives, remember to converse with them in gentle voice, just loud enough for them to hear. Using a high-pitch volume may sound condescending and disrespectful, and this will not be a good opening for a healthy conversation. Meanwhile, when your loved one does have a need to check their hearing, a provider of health care in Poughkeepsie New York can accompany them.
  • Must NOT Use Slang Words
    Instead, talk to your loved one in simple words. In fact, the simpler words you can use the better for both of you. If you can also use the vocabulary that your aging loved one prefers to use, it will be even wiser as you can be really reaching to their heart. In these conversations, intend to converse with them personally and not simply getting information from another person or family member.
  • Must NOT be Disrespectful
    Our elderly loved ones deserve our respect, and this mindset can prevail in our conversations. Maintaining your level of respect manifests in the words you use, the tone of your voice, and even the behavior you portray when in their presence.

To nurture a peaceful environment at home where your loved one can enjoy conversing with others, providers of housekeeping services in New York can maintain cleanliness and order. The reduction of clutter promotes a more organized mindset. If you’re looking for this kind of help and support at home, contact us at Flex Health Care.

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