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Lewy Body Dementia: Does Your Senior Loved One Have It?

Lewy Body Dementia: Does Your Senior Loved One Have It?

If you’ve heard of Alzheimer’s Disease, that is because it is the most common and also the most popular type of dementia. Yet, AD is not the only type of dementia there is. Lewy Body dementia (LBD) is the second most common of these types.

Why is it important for you to know if your senior loved one has it? When you are familiar with the signs or symptoms of this disorder, you can help them get the medical treatment they need – the sooner the better.

Here are important signs to observe to know if your loved one has LBD:

  • Visual Hallucinations

    You will hear your loved one report about things or people they have seen but are not actually there. These hallucinations are also recurring. They can also hallucinate about what they hear, taste, or touch.

  • Parkinsons-Like Disorder

    Your loved one will also have movement disorders similar to someone having Parkinson’s disease. They will have slow movements, often with tremors, and with rigid muscles. At these signs, they will need assistance from providers of Non-Medical Home Care in Poughkeepsie New York. Someone should keep them company because they can be at risk of falling.

  • Cognitive Problems

    Your loved one will also experience confusion, lack of attention, and even memory loss. These symptoms are also typical of someone having Alzheimer’s. So, you might also mistake them as having AD.

  • Sleep Problems

    Patients with LBD can also experience sleep issues. They can sleep, but they will have a tendency to act out something that they are dreaming at that moment. This can put them at risk. Providers of health care in Poughkeepsie New York should supervise their sleeping hours to prevent any untoward incident.

  • Fluctuating Attention

    If your loved one has LBD, their sense of focus can fluctuate. They can be very alert in one minute, and then become very sleepy the next. They can also have long periods of just staring at nothing. You might also hear them talk but their speech cannot be understood.

  • Depression

    Your aging loved one with LBD can also go through depression. When they have LBD, they may not understand what they are going through. This can be detrimental to their mental health. Because of this, their risk of depression is high.

  • Lack of Motivation

    Another sign of LBD is the obvious lack of motivation in doing things, whether or not they have depression. If they have been very participative before, this lack of motivation can be a serious sign.

Only the physician can make a final diagnosis if your loved one has LBD. So if you can spot the symptoms early, you can take them to the doctor sooner.

Aside from providing housekeeping services in New York, our team at Flex Health Care can also help you in caring for a loved one with dementia. Don’t hesitate to contact us to know more about our services.

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