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Long-Term Care: What Are Your Cost-Saving Options?

Long-Term Care: What Are Your Cost-Saving Options?

Are you facing financial constraints in regards to the long-term care of your senior loved one? For many family members, this is a real struggle. On one hand, they would want their aging family member to receive quality care. On the other hand, they are weighing the options for what kind of care to give in order to save costs.

Yet, nobody is really helpless in this matter. If you’re looking for providers of health care in Poughkeepsie New York to aid your loved one, there are helpful ways for you to pay.

We’ve rounded up this top list of references for you:

  • Veterans Benefits

    These are financial grants allocated to former military service personnel and their spouses. The main requirement is that veterans have been discharged honorably. The VA has many forms of benefits for the eligible veterans and spouses that can help cover their long-term care. They have funds allocated for veterans who are receiving housekeeping services in New York, residing in assisted living facilities, or being cared for in nursing homes.

    If your loved one has been a former soldier, then you might want to begin processing their eligibility requirements the sooner the better.

  • Medicare/Medicaid

    These government-funded benefits are accessible to seniors. That is if they belong to a particular income bracket. Their benefits will also depend on their eligibility requirements and the state where they belong. Yet, it is still helpful to consider this option. Once accepted, you can save a lot in terms of your loved one’s care.

  • Personal Payment

    This is where responsibility can be challenging. Yet, when you have the whole family at your back, this should not be that heavy. It can be helpful if you will discuss this matter with the whole family so that you can pool your resources together. If your aging loved one also had their personal savings, these can also be used to pay for Non-Medical Home Care in Poughkeepsie New York.

  • Long-Term Care Insurance

    You can also let insurance coverage take charge of the payments. Yet, the LTCI is something that should have been prepared when your loved one was younger. So if they have this type of insurance, it can already shoulder the costs of their long-term care.

  • Life Insurance

    If your senior loved one has also purchased a life insurance policy, they can use this to pay for their long-term care. However, this is still subject to the approval of the insurance policy provider. Some providers allow for a transfer of the funds, so this can be something you should also consider.

If you’re in need of some assistance in delivering long-term care for your aging loved one, we’re here for you. At Flex Health Care, we are committed to providing quality care in the comfort of your loved one’s home. So if you need our help, feel free to contact us for an appointment.

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