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Challenging 10 Myths and Misconceptions About Hospice Care

“Hospice is too expensive.” “Hospice is only for cancer patients.” “Hospice means giving up”. Maybe you’ve thought about these things or heard them from others. Unfortunately, there are quite a number of myths and misconceptions about hospice out there. At Flex Health Care, we seek to challenge these myths and misconceptions. As a trusted provider … Continue reading

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What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Live-In Companion?

Flex Health Care, a leading provider of Non-Medical Home Care in Poughkeepsie, New York, is proud to offer the services of a live-in companion whose primary purpose is to help seniors remain in the comforts of their own home. However, hiring a live-in companion brings a number of benefits, not just for the senior, but … Continue reading

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24-Hour Companionship

Five Reasons Why You Should Hire a Live-In Companion for Your Senior There may come a time wherein your senior loved one will require around-the-clock supervision, but this does not mean that you have to put them in an elderly institution. Many elders want to spend the remaining days of their life at the comforts … Continue reading

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Keeping Your Brain Healthy

Six Mentally Stimulating Activities for Elders with Alzheimer’s Disease Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive neurological disorder which causes memory loss and cognitive decline. It accounts for more than five million people in the United States as reported by the Alzheimer’s Association. Is there a way you can manage Alzheimer’s disease? Flex Health Care answers in … Continue reading

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Palliative Care: How Can Family Members Cope With It?

Knowing that a loved one is recommended to receive palliative care can be difficult to accept. After all, palliative care means that they are no longer able to get the most out of the available treatments and are now at a stage where the remaining care option is to manage their pain. No matter how … Continue reading

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Living with Dementia: 5 Different Challenges

People living with dementia have a range of complexities and challenges they have to face. All of these challenges stem from their symptoms, especially memory loss. Living with dementia has consequences and all you can do is to face them. Here are five of the challenges people with dementia face and how to deal with … Continue reading

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